a film by Andrew Gitomer

Eleanor is a nineteen year old fashion model living in New York City's West Village. Her boyfriend Yves, the first boy she ever loved, has just come out to her as gay and broken her heart. Now she has to reevaluate her life, finding along the way that the world isn’t made for a girl her age. Having lived on her own through her adolescence, she starts her second coming-of-age by trying on different lives and exploring new corners of her city. The characters she meets, music she listens to and drugs she takes all point her in the same direction: she doesn’t want to be just a “pretty girl” anymore.

Pretty Girls is an unproduced feature-length screenplay written and to be directed by Andrew Gitomer. The short film above is a taste of that script. Knowing that Pretty Girls can’t be realized without a financial investment, we the producers (Andrew Gitomer and Jonathan Stromberg) drew upon our experience as micro-budget filmmakers to put together this pitch reel based on 25 pages of our screenplay we could afford out of pocket. While we couldn’t show the whole film, we hoped to capture a glimpse of the passion and excitement of the story and show it to the world.

Pretty Girls hasn’t been made yet. What you see above is an impression of a possible film—hopefully one you’d like to see. If you want to know more about Eleanor and where her life takes her, please like us on Facebook and share this video with anyone you think might like it. We’re on Twitter and Instagram, so please feel free follow or contact us: @andrewgitomer and @childlikerobot.
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After Eleanor’s boyfriend, Yves, comes out to her as gay, she falls apart. Even though she is only nineteen, she’s been living alone and modelling in New York City's West Village for three years—and this is the first time she’s had her heart broken. Finally confronted with the unreality of the life she’s been living and the careless selfishness of the friends she now depends on, she tries to right her life and rebuild her identity.

Eleanor struggles through Fashion Week. Abandoned by her best friend Isabel, Eleanor finds an unlikely friend after a chance encounter with Maria, a well-known photographer. Eleanor imagines herself twenty years older, and wonders if she could find a better role-model. Once her life settles, Eleanor’s parents pressure her into contacting her cousin Bailey, a college student new to the city, and show her around. Bailey and her friends are totally unlike Eleanor’s. They have to go to school, or work, or both, but they have lives and goals that they care about. All Eleanor can think about is quitting. That weekend, Bailey asks Eleanor to take acid with her. They spend the day tripping and talking about being pushed in directions they don’t want to go. Eleanor admits that she can’t be a model anymore; maybe she should figure out what she really wants to do and just go for it. She does—and goes home with Jeremy, a boy from she meets at a party in Brooklyn. Laying in bed, she imagines falling in love with him. After everything, the idea seems so superfluous; boyfriends will have to wait.

Pretty Girls is a European-style drama told in vignettes, dreams, and chance encounters. At times flirting with the surreal, Pretty Girls shows New York in all it’s electricity through the eyes of a Millennial girl. The characters Eleanor meets—many more than those above—show her new sides of home and new sides of herself. She’s not just a pretty girl in magazines, and she knows it. Now she’s ready to be who she really wants, whatever that turns out to be.
Andrew Gitomer
Andrew Gitomer is a Philadelphia-born writer, film & television producer and director of several short films, including his award-winning film Night Rituals, a webseries, Ghost Stories, and a feature film, Past Present Future. He is a graduate of the SUNY Purchase College Film Conservatory, and is currently at festivals with a collaborative short film called Long Distance Calling.

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Jonathan Stromberg
Jonathan Stromberg is a filmmaker and post-production professional in the worlds of television, documentary film and commercials. He has been Andrew Gitomer’s cinematographer since 2009 and is the co-producer of Past Present Future. Originally from California, he is currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Jonathan is also a graduate of the SUNY Purchase College Film Conservatory.

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Allie Esslinger is a Southern transplant living in Brooklyn. Her company, Olive Juice Films, has produced projects across genres, including documentaries, feature films, web series, live comedy, and commercial campaigns. She earned her BA in International Affairs at the University of Alabama, her MA in International Affairs and Media Studies from The New School, and her MFA in Creative Writing (Screenwriting) from Full Sail University. She is developing Section II, an online and streaming platform for curated, high-quality lesbian content.

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Pretty Girls "Sizzle Reel" Full Credits

as Eleanor
as Bailey
as Zoe
as Allison
as Isabella
as Anna
as Yves
as Maria
Writer, Director, Editor, Producer
Director of Photography, Producer
Assistant Director, Producer
Associate Producer
Associate Producer
Assistant Camera
Sound Recordist
Hair and Make-Up
Set Photographer
Production Assistant

Special Thanks: Alliah Sophia, Elisabeth Brodbeck, Genevieve Hudson-Price, Greg Passuntino, Time Inc. Photo Studio, Automatic Slims, RadicalMedia™, and Outpost Digital
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For more information about Pretty Girls or to request a copy of the script please contact the producers at info (at) prettygirlsfilm.com.